01. Dale Watson “Guess Things Happen That Way”
02. The ScotchGreens “There You Go”
03. Supersuckers “Mean-Eyed Cat”
04. Stevie Tombstone “Folsom Prison Blues”
05. Deadbolt “Orange Blossom Special”
06. Beverly Killbillies “Wanted Man”
07. Kings Of Nuthin' “Cry, Cry, Cry”
08. Flametrick Subs “Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog”
09. Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash “Long Black Veil”
10. Jesse Dayton “Doin' My Time”
11. Concombre Zombi “Flesh & Blood”
12. 12 Step Rebels “Delia's Gone”
13. Satan's Teardrops “I Got Stripes”
14. Los Creepers “Wreck of the Old ‘97”
15. Eddie Spaghetti “Peace in the Valley”
16. Todd Stedman “Hey Porter”
17. Speedbuggy USA “Drive On”
18. Hot Rod Lincoln “I Walk the Line”

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