Wanda Jackson

01. You Can't Have My Love - With Billy Gray
02. Lovin' Country Style
03. If You Know What I Know
04. The Right To Love
05. If You Don't Somebody Else Will - With Billy Gray
06. You'd Be The First To Know
07. Tears At The Grand Ole Opry
08. Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
09. It's The Same Old World
10. Don't Do The Things He'd Do
11. Wasted
12. I Cried Again
13. I Gotta Know
14. Half As A Good Girl
15. Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
16. Silver Thread And Golden Needles
17. Cryin' Through The Night
18. Baby Loves Him
19. Let Me Explain
20. Don'A Wan'A
21. Cool Love
22. Did You Miss Me?
23. Fujiyama Mama
24. No Wedding Bells For Joe
25. The Heart You Could Have Had
26. You Won't Forget (About Me)
27. Honey Bop
28. Just A Queen For A Day
29. Mean Mean Man
30. Our Song
31. Rock Your Baby

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