Bobby Charles

See You Later, Alligator

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Bobby Charles was a true original. A white Cajun kid who unaffectedly sang R&B. And a gifted songwriter who couldn't read or write music or even play an instrument. After a club date one night, he wrote See You Later, Alligator and a record store owner played it for Len Chess at Chess Records. Chess signed him thinking he was black. Although Bill Haley covered Alligator and scored a bigger hit with it, Alligator launched a long recording career for Bobby Charles that also included the original version of a song that became a big hit for Clarence Frogman Henry, Don't You Know I Love You (You Know I Love You), a song later featured in the hit Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump.

For the first time, Bear Family has collected all of Bobby Charles's Chess recordings. Alongside his hits, there's one New Orleans classic after another (I'm A Fool To Care ...later a hit for Joe Barry, and On Bended Knee, to name just two!)

This set is a fitting tribute to one of the unsung heroes of New Orleans music. And speaking of that, Bobby Charles also wrote Fats Domino's classic Walkin' To New Orleans. Bobby Charles... gone but by no means forgotten.
01. Later Alligator (See You Later
02. On Bended Knee
03. Watch It Sprocket
04. Why Did You Leave
05. Don't You Know I Love You (You Know I Love You)
06. Why Can't You
07. Take It Easy Greasy
08. Time Will Tell
09. Ain't Got No Home
10. No Use Knocking
11. You Can't Suit Yourself
12. Laura Lee
13. I'm A Fool To Care
14. Mr Moon
15. I'll Turn Square For You
16. Lonely Street
17. Over Yonder
18. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
19. One Eyed Jack
20. Yea Yea Baby (Yeah Yeah)
21. Good Lovin'
22. Your Picture
23. Teenagers
24. I'd Like To Know
25. Tell Me Baby
26. Lovesick Blues
27. Hey Good Lookin'
28. No More (I Ain't Gonna Do It No More)

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