George Jones

1.Rock it
2.How come it
3.Maybe little baby
4.White lightnin’
5.Who shot Sam
6.Heartbreak hotel
7.Boogie Woogie mexican boy
8.Root beer
9.Running bear
10.Little boy blue
11.Revenooer man
12.Slave lover
13.Gonna come get to you
14.You gotta be my baby
15.Eskimo pie
16.No money in this deal
17.Sparkling brown eyes
18.I wouldn’t know about that
19.You better treat your man right
20.One woman man
21.Why baby why
22.Play it cool man
23.Nothing can stop
24.That’s the way I feel
25.Long time to forget
26.Give away girl
27.Vitamins love
28.Taggin’ along

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