Swiss Rockabilly, Hillbilly & Rock’n'Roll

01–Do you know what I mean — Kenedy Tom & the Red Boots(2:31)
02–Switzerland Rock — The Reptiles(2:00)
03–Long black train — Rhythmin’ Train(3:06)
04–Bop-a-Lena — The Sun Skippers(2:28)
05–Southern belle — Jackalopes(2:55)
06–Seven nights to rock — The Rubbernecks(2:47)
07–I feel lonely — Willie and the poor Boys(2:56)
08–Dance the bop — Flagstaff(2:39)
09–Texax special — The Tumbleweeds(2:13)
10–Gina Wild — Rockin’ Carbonara(3:47)
11–Bs. as. boogie — Hamp Goes Wild(2:48)
12–True love ways — Rockabilly Five(3:25)
13–Wash machine boogie — ^Kendy Toms & the Red Boots(2:40)
14–The wild ones — The Reptiles(3:26)
15–You nearly lose your mind — Rhythmin’ Train(3:10)
16–Hey porter — The Sun Skippers(2:39)
17–Real gone daddy — Jackalopes(1:42)
18–True love — The Rubbernecks(2:43)
19–Rip it up — Willie and the poor Boys(1:54)
20–Cherokee boogie — Rhythmin’ Train(2:16)
21–Now dig this — Flaggstaff(2:29)
22–Il Rock m’ insegna d’ amare — Rockin’ Carbonara(2:25)
23–Whole lotta shakin’ goin on — Hamp Goes Wild(4:43)
24–Bonapart’s retreat — Rockabilly Five(2:40)
25–Bad to the bone — Unknown(2:10)
VA – Swiss Rockabilly, Hillbilly & Rock’n'Rol (2004) [MP3]

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